This week ENSO helped launch 64 Million Artists, an exciting new start-up on a mission to inspire a nation of artists.

64 Million Artists is brand new start-up that believes you don’t have to be an “artist” to be creative, or as their founders say: “it’s about having a go, not about being an expert!”

Working in partnership with BBC Arts, their mission is to help everyone in Britain do something new and celebrate their creativity by providing the best platform to showcase their talents.

To celebrate 64 Million Artists’s ethos, we created an identity that challenges every new artist to make their mark. During the sign up process, each artist can digitally “sign” the 64 Million Artists logo using their smartphone or tablet, growing the brand one signature at a time.

Our full online platform is set to launch in March 2015, but early birds can sign up (beta) to the 64 Million Artists “Friday Challenge” to receive a weekly email suggesting either a 20 minute, one hour or half day activity to help you get creative.

Full case study coming soon.