Cullinan Studio’s Open House day saw the debut of the Woodpecker, an interactive drawing system created by ENSO’s sister studio, Those.

The Woodpecker system being tested before Cullinan Studio's Open House day

For the past 6 months, our sister studio, Those, has been working on the Woodpecker — an interactive drawing system that turns any surface into a display.

As part of our launch strategy for Cullinan Studio’s new website, we asked Those to debut the Woodpecker system in the architectural practice’s impressive reception space.

Positioned to greet visitors during Cullinan Studio’s Open House day, the Woodpecker was hooked up to speakers and programmed to recreate Ted Cullinan’s hand-drawn lecture describing the design and build of Ready Mix Concrete’s HQ, now CEMEX, completed in 1990.

Throughout the day, visitors crowded to watch the Woodpecker re-draw Ted’s sketches in perfect sync with an audio recording of Ted’s original lecture — a real-time mechanical performance that generated considerable positive feedback from onsite visitors and those who shared the story on social media.