Who is ENSO?

What we do in 60 seconds…

ENSO is a creative consultancy. We solve problems, incite change and create value for businesses, organisations and small enterprises around the world.

Founded by respected creative director, Jamie Wieck, ENSO defines, designs and delivers projects utilising a network of industry-leading experts. From razor sharp writers to world class designers, we ensure our clients work with the best practitioners in their field.

Together we create brand, campaign and digital solutions which connect with your audience, tell them your story, and transform your business.

Save the Arctic

Branding Greenpeace’s biggest international campaign to date


In 2012 Greenpeace launched Save the Arctic, an international campaign to end oil drilling and industrial fishing around the North Pole. Hoping to engage an international audience, Greenpeace asked ENSO to turn their campaign into a global movement.

The Solution

ENSO created a ground-breaking brand identity for the Save the Arctic campaign. It was fluid, language-neutral and easy for Greenpeace campaigners to implement.

We designed bespoke illustrations and a unique Save the Arctic typeface, which featured 263 glyphs depicting both negative and positive images of the Arctic.

Using just their keyboard, Greenpeace campaigners all over the world can now use the typeface to create targeted campaign material, choosing the letterforms most suitable for their message.

The Results

Following the campaign’s launch, Save the Arctic has captured the hearts and minds of millions of international supporters. A powerful engine for change, Save the Arctic has commanded the attention of the United Nations, and held the Arctic’s assailants accountable.

The movement continues to grow, and its ENSO-crafted brand continues to support the campaign, one keystroke at a time.

Konditor & Cook

Creating the 21st century patisserie


Esteemed restaurateur, Sir Terence Conran, considers Konditor & Cook’s masterful patisseries some of the best in the world. But faced with an increasingly competitive market, the chain wanted to revitalise their brand and establish their business online. ENSO stepped up.

The Solution

ENSO reoriented the Konditor & Cook brand around the qualities and service that make their business unique. We refreshed their brand identity by establishing a framework to celebrate their products, and brought them online with the most sophisticated retail platform in their sector.

Conceived as an evolution of their existing brand identity, ENSO developed a graphic language to communicate Konditor & Cook’s vibrant personality. Sophisticated but friendly, our geometric design ensured all photography, packaging and campaign material were extensions of the newly galvanised brand. Konditor & Cook was no longer a logo, but an aesthetic.

To grow Konditor & Cook’s business beyond London, ENSO created a cutting edge online retail store (coded by Strobe Digital). Using a smartphone, tablet or any digital device, Konditor & Cook’s customers can now personalise their cakes and savouries before having them delivered directly to the door.

The Results

Following the launch of this retail experience, Konditor & Cook’s online turnover has grown by 6000%.

We continue to work with them as they expand across the UK and blossom into a household name.

KFC: No Good for Rainforests

Making the hard facts easy to swallow


On discovering that KFC had been using packaging made by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a supplier known for unethically pulping rainforest timber, Greenpeace approached ENSO to expose their damning evidence to the fast-food chain’s teenage demographic.

The Solution

ENSO created a campaign to frame Greenpeace’s evidence, crafting a story about Artie, Geoff, Feng and Grace, four pieces of disgruntled KFC packaging who long to return to the rainforest from which they were snatched.

In an animation which mimicked KFC’s corporate website, the characters ‘hijacked’ KFC’s online media, interrupting adverts and occupying websites to protest against their illegal treatment. The entertaining short film was designed to be shared among friends, and direct viewers to the Greenpeace campaign’s microsite.

The microsite (coded by Strobe Digital) expanded on the campaign narrative, exploring the characters’ backstories. Presented with the evidence, visitors were then given a chance to sign-up, customise a character, and invite their Facebook friends to join their virtual protest.

The Results

The campaign was incendiary and quickly gained a global profile, prompting KFC’s parent company to publicly commit to a sustainable sourcing policy.

APP have also committed to removing rainforest timber from their entire supply chain.