Project Greenpeace

Engaging Asia’s Activists

On discovering KFC had been using packaging manufactured by Asia Pulp and Paper, a supplier known for pulping illegal rainforest timber, Greenpeace approached ENSO to expose their damning evidence to South East Asia’s teenage activists.

Revolting Packaging

Looking to campaign across Indonesia and China, Greenpeace were clear from the outset that the campaign could not resort to ‘shock’ tactics.

In response to this challenge, we created an unthreatening campaign brand that framed Greenpeace’s evidence with the story of Artie, Feng, Geoff and Grace — four pieces of disgruntled KFC packaging who pined to return to the rainforest they once called home.

"This is a Hijack!"

With an animation designed to mimic KFC’s corporate website, our characters “hijacked” the multinational’s online home, running amok to protest against their illegal treatment. The surprising animation was precision tooled to be shared among friends, directing viewers to the Greenpeace campaign’s microsite.

The microsite expanded the campaign narrative, exploring the characters’ previous life in the rainforest. Presented with the damning evidence, visitors were encouraged to sign-up, customise a character, and invite their Facebook friends to join Artie, Feng, Geoff and Grace’s virtual protest.

Geoff and Artie smash another KFC commercial

We Did It!

The campaign was incendiary and quickly gained a global profile, prompting KFC’s parent company to publicly commit to a sustainable sourcing policy.

APP also committed to removing rainforest timber from their entire supply chain.


KFC: No Good for Rainforests




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Campaign success: over 80,000 people joined the campaign