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Inspiring 64 Million Artists

64 Million Artists recruited ENSO to help them inspire the nation.

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Everyday Creativity

64 Million Artists is an exciting new start-up that believes you don’t have to be an “artist” to be creative. Founded by Jo Hunter and David Micklem, the organisation is working to help people across Britain recognise the value of culture in their everyday lives, or as Jo explains: “it’s not about dancing on the stage of the opera house, it’s about dancing in your bedroom, singing in the shower, or cooking up your favourite dish.”

Do. Think. Share.

To help 64 Million Artists engage the widest possible audience, we worked with the team to distil the organisation’s core philosophy (“It’s about having a go, not being an expert.”) into “Do. Think. Share.”, a simple call-to-action that helped determine their digital experience and our approach to their brand identity.

The result is a website split across three key sections: a “Do” section that invites users to submit a challenge; a “Think” section where users can discuss their project; and a “Share” section where users can share their work with the 64 Million Artists community.

During the sign up process, the website also challenged every new user to customise the 64 Million Artists logo with their touch-screen device, adding their personalised logo to a database of thousands to be used throughout the website.

No Barriers

By simplifying the creative process into a straight-forward online experience, we’ve turned the 64 Million Artists methodology into an online platform — one that shows how everyone can be an artist if they want to be.


64 Million Artists


64 Million Artists


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