Project Cullinan Studio

Introducing Cullinan Studio

ENSO partnered with Cullinan Studio to re-launch the renowned architectural practice, promote its ethos and celebrate the legacy of its founder Edward Cullinan with a brand new website.

A New Era

Having made the transition from Edward Cullinan Architects into Cullinan Studio, we pitched their new website as a symbol of a new era, one that expressed how “Cullinan” had become a way of doing things: an approach, an ethos, a culture.

Along with showcasing five decades of groundbreaking architecture, our website would establish Edward Cullinan (known to all as “Ted”) as a figurehead for the practice, allowing the studio’s recent achievements to sit alongside Ted’s own formidable legacy.

The Cullinan Ethos

Though well understood by their peers, Cullinan Studio’s unique approach to architecture had never been fully articulated.

Working closely with Team 4, Cullinan Studio’s internal marketing team, we interrogated and refined Cullinan Studio’s core values into what became known as the Cullinan Ethos, or “The Five Cs”: Creativity, Collaboration, Climate, Context and Community.

We used these values to kickstart the design process, implementing user experiences across the website that articulated the studio’s ethical, environmental and social position — a design approach that followed the “show, don’t tell” principle.

Timelines, filtering and tagging create strong links between unconnected projects

Celebrating 50 Years

While many consider experience a huge asset, the practice harboured concerns that their age could perturb potential clients unfamiliar with the studio’s enviable history.

To address this concern, we turned the studio’s massive archive into a collection of interconnected ideas — implementing features that highlighted how the Cullinan Ethos could be traced across five-decades of incredible architecture.

We introduced smart case study templates with larger images, longer descriptions and better tagging, and collected every case study into a master timeline. For the first time, potential clients could see how every project was just part of a continuing creative process.

The Art of the Launch

To launch the website we created social media content that would engage both Cullinan Studio’s loyal followers, and those with a broader interest in architecture.

Celebrating Cullinan Studio’s love of drawing, we created three “Cullinanesqe” animations that elaborated on three values from the Cullinan Ethos. To aid their spread across social media, we published the films in three formats: a 30 second film, three 10 second shorts and three 6 second Vine stings.

We also commissioned our sister studio, Those, to turn Ted’s lecture about Ready Mix Concrete HQ, now CEMEX, into a mechanical sculpture using their Woodpecker drawing system.

With both stories launched during Cullinan Studio’s Open House day, the subsequent social media feedback resulted in a huge increase in traffic for the new website — a precise launch for a precise website.


Cullinan Studio


Cullinan Studio


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