Project Greenpeace

Revealing a Dirty Secret

ENSO worked with Greenpeace to launch Head & Shoulders’ Dirty Secret, a social media campaign to force Procter & Gamble to drop “dirty” palm oil from their supply chain.

"Dirty" Palm Oil

Following a yearlong investigation, Greenpeace discovered Procter & Gamble had been sourcing palm oil from companies connected to widespread rainforest devastation — pushing the endangered Sumatran Tiger further towards extinction.

With nearly 5 billion people using its products, Greenpeace targeted Procter & Gamble’s global Head & Shoulders brand to reveal consumers were unknowingly part of an environmental scandal.

Slick & Subversive

We worked with Greenpeace to craft a powerful call-to-action, and turned this into a slick campaign subverting Head & Shoulders’ famous brand aesthetic.

By rejecting traditional video in favour of animating with code, our film actively rewarded successful user interactions — unlocking new of the campaign story to those who shared the campaign or sent an email to Procter & Gamble’s CEO.

With an multi-lingual animation that subtly prompted and rewarded campaign engagement, Greenpeace’s #ProtectParadise hashtag quickly gripped timelines across the world.

Successful user interactions unlock new animated chapters


The campaign reach was a huge success, generating nearly 400,000 emails to Procter & Gamble’s CEO, thousands of phone calls to their numerous offices, and dozens of protests around the world.

Following the resulting public outcry, Procter & Gamble introduced a zero deforestation policy, one that promised to remove forest destruction completely from its palm oil supply chain.


Head & Shoulders' Dirty Secret






Social Media Strategy, UX/UI Design, Photographic Production, Project/Technical Management


Campaign success: over 400,000 people joined the campaign