Project UNHCR

UNHCR: The Future of Syria

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), appointed ENSO to devise a communications strategy for The Future of Syria, a powerful report detailing the terrible scale of Syria’s child refugee crisis.

12,000 Words

To help The Future of Syria reach the widest possible audience, we targeted socially conscious digital natives. Whilst unlikely to read the entire report, this particular audience would be more likely to distribute key facts and figures across their favourite social networks.

Our strategy focused on shaping UNHCR’s 12,000 word report into a collection of bite-sized stories, quotes and statistics — hashtagged content that could be shared across any social network, creating hundreds of digital pathways back to UNHCR’s campaign website.

Optimised Content

We worked closely with UNHCR’s editorial team to identify key sentences, paragraphs, quotes and statistics that would make ideal social content.

This content was then optimised for the social landscape. Statistics were turned into inforgraphics; paragraphs were shortened into 140 character sentences, and powerful images of Syria’s children were sourced by UNHCR’s photographic team.

Online and Offline

To provide a platform for our powerful content, we designed a collection of responsive website templates. Our digital layouts focused on clarity, big typefaces and detailed annotation — leaving room for every image to breathe. These templates were then handed to UNHCR’s digital team, providing a detailed starting point for their front and back end development.

To support the website, we also delivered a beautifully designed physical report, one that continued the design principles used throughout the online report.




The Future of Syria


Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Illustration


Ongoing engagement: over 40,000 social media impressions